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Top education attorneys protecting clients in San Diego and California. Our litigation attorneys are experienced in education, special education, and other matters.

David is a San Diego education litigation attorney representing special needs / disabled students in special education, civil rights, and child abuse matters. He also represents beneficiaries, trustees, and conservators in probate litigation matters. David graduated magna cum laude from the University of San Diego School of Law, where he was a member of the San Diego Law Review

Amy Martinez is an education attorney in Costa Mesa, CA. For more than a decade, Amy has worked tirelessly to build relationships with clients by maintaining personal one-on-one communication that allows her to guide clients through the litigation process. Amy strives to present all potential litigation alternatives to maximize results and reduce litigation time and spend, including early mediation and creative settlement options..


Education attorney costs vary depending upon each case, and many are paid on a contingency basis — meaning you only pay if you win your case. Here’s a quick guide to education attorney costs, feeds, and payments.

If your child has been harmed by the actions of a teacher, coach, or administrator, and your personal attempts at resolution have failed, it may be time to consult an experienced California education attorney.

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