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Can You Appeal an IEP Decision?

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) mandates that schools develop special education plans for all students with disabilities in order to provide them with a free, appropriate public education. These education plans, known as Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), are written documents that identify the student’s specific needs and outline a plan for ensuring the …

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Can You Fight Expulsion?

Before a student can be expelled from a public school, a formal expulsion hearing must be held. During an expulsion hearing, the student has the right to: Receive notice of the specific rules they are charged with breaking Explain their side of the story Present evidence and call witnesses to testify on their behalf Be …

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Can You Sue a School? Yes.

A school or school district can be sued. As parents, we put a lot of faith in schools to not only educate our children, but treat them fairly and with due care. It is extremely upsetting for parents to learn that their child has been hurt, mistreated, neglected, or harassed at school — especially when …

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